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Cultivated Varieties:Edit


deer tongue lettuce

'504 Green' looseleaf, 53 days

'A Choy' taiwanese

'Adriana' butterhead, 48 days

'Alan Chadwick's Rodan' see 'Chadwick's Rodan'

'Amish Deer Tongue' looseleaf, 45-55 days

'Annapolis' cos romaine, 28 days

'Antares' loosleaf, 48 days

'Anuenue' french batavia, 50-72 days

'Aruba' looseleaf, 28-53 days

'Asian Green' semi-heading looseleaf

'Asian Red' looseleaf

'Australe' butterheat, 49 days

'Australian Yellowleaf' heirloom australian, loosleaf, 50 days

'Baby Oakleaf' looseleaf, 50 days

'Baby Star' european butterhead, 65 days

'Bajama' butterhead, 63 days

'Balloon' cos romaine

'Bambi' hybrid romain, 50 days

'Barcarole' cos romaine, 70 days

'Baronet' cos romaine, 28 days

'Batavia Bionda Bordo Rosso' french cirsphead, 55 days

'Batavia Laura' 45-55 days

'Belowa' looseleaf, 25-52 days

'Ben Shemen' israel butterhead, 60-70 days

'Berence' looseleaf, 28-50 days

'Bergamo' looseleaf

'Bibb' heirloom butterhead

'Big Boston' heirloom french butterhead

'Billabong' iceberg, 70-79 days

'Bimitas' hybrid asian

'Bionda de taglio liscia' italian looseleaf, 40 days

'Bionda della 7 Lune' cos romaine, 50-62 days

'Bionda Lentissima' italian cos romaine, 55-65 days

'Bionda Ortolani' italian cos romaine, 55-65 days

'Bionda ricciolini' italian looseleaf, 35 days

'Biscia Rossa' italian looseleaf

'Black Seeded Simpson' heirloom looseleaf, 42-46 days

'Blackhawk' looseleaf, 28 days

'Blackjack' looseleaf, 55 days

'Blonde Batavia' see 'Cut and Come Again'

'Blonde du Cazard' heirloom french butterhead

'Blushed Butter' cos romaine, 49 days

'Blushed Butter Oaks' looseleaf, 49 days

'Blushed Icy Oak' looseleaf, 49 days

'Brauner Trotzkofp' see 'Pirat'

'Braveheart' cos romaine, 70 day

'Bronze Arrow' heirloom looseleaf 46-60 days

'Bronze Mignonette' butterhead 46 days

'Brown Golding' heirloom cos romaine, 70 days

'Brune d'Hiver' heirloom french, cos romaine, 65 days

'Brunia' looseleaf, 49 days

'Bughatti' looseleaf, 45 days

'Bullet' open-pollinated cos romain, 50 days

'Bunte Forellenschuss' butterhead, 50 days

'Burpee Bibb' butterhead 75 days

'Buttercrunch Bibb' see 'Buttercrunch'

'Buttercrunch' butterhead 28-60 days

'Butterking Lettuce' butterhead, 60 days

'Camino Real' cos romaine, 65 days

'Canary Tongue' see 'Lingqua di Canarino'

'Capistrano' open-pollinated cos romaine 70 days

'Capitaine' butterhead, 65 days

'Cardinale' french crisps, 50-60 days

'Carmona Red' butterhead 50-55 days

'Cassandra' butterhead

'Celtuce' asian, 90 days

'Cerbiatta' oaklead, 28 days

'Chadwick's Rodan' looseleaf

'Cimarron' see 'Cut and Come Again'

'Cimmaron' cos romaine 58 days

'Ciucca' italian

'Claremont' cos romaine, 28-46 days

'Coastal Star' cos romain 28-65 days

'Cobham Green' butterhead, 62 days

'Cobham Oak' oakleaf, 28 days

'Cocarde' looseleaf, 28-49 days

'Comanche' cos romaine, 28 days

'Concept' looseleaf, 52 days

'Continuity Crisphead' iceberg, 70 days

'Corsair' cos romaine, 57 days

'Cosmo Savory' cos romaine, 60 days

'Cracoviensis' looseleaf, 47 days

'Craquante d'Avignon' cos romaine, 70-75 days

'Craquante D'Avignon' see 'Winter Density'

'Craquerelle Du Midi' cos romaine french

'Crisp Mint' cos romaine 70 days

'Crispino' iceberg, 57 days

'Crispy Frills' iceberg, 50-80 days

'Curly Oakleaf'

'Cut and Come Again' 35 days

'Dark Lollo Rossa' looseleaf, 30 days

'De Morges Braun' looseleaf, 64 days

'Deer Tongue' looseleaf 28-46 days

'Defender' cos romaine, 28 days

'Desert Queen' iceberg, 88 days

'Devil's Tongue' open-pollinated cos romain, 55 days

'Divinia' open-pollinated french, butterhead, 60-70 days

'Drunken Woman' heirloom looseleaf, 55 days

'Dutch Winter Brown Eiffel Tower' cos romaine, 65 days

'Emerald Oak' looseleaf, 60 days

'Emerald Oak' see 'Flashy Green Butter Oak'

'Envy' looseleaf, 54 days

'Ermosa' butterhead, 28-48 days

'Eruption' cos romaine, 28-50 days

'Esmeralda' butterhead 55-68 days

'EZ Serve' butterhead, 65 days

'Ferrari' oakleaf, 44 days

'Feuile de Chene' see 'Curly Oakleaf'

'Feuille De Chene Blonde' heirloom french looseleaf, 50 days

'Fireball' butterhead, 51 days

'Firecrackers' looseleaf, 28 days

'Flame' looseleaf

'Flashy Butter Oak' see 'Flashy Green Butter Oak'

'Flashy Green Butter Oak' looseleaf, 50-54 days

'Flashy Trout Back' see 'Flashy Green Butter Oak'

'Focea' butterhead, 45 days

'Formidana' iceberg, 60 days

'Four Season' heirloom butterhead, 50-60 days

'Freckles' cos romaine 28-55 days

'Galactic' looseleaf, 30-58 days

'Galactic Merlot' looseleaf, 30-58 days

'Galisse' looseleaf, 48 days

'Garden Babies' butterhead, 53-73 days

'Garrison' looseleaf, 28-51 days

'Genecrop Green' looseleaf, 55 days

'Gentilina' italian looseleaf, 55 days

'Giant Caesar' cos romaine 70 days

'Gold Rush' looseleaf, 50-60 days

'Goose' semi-bibb, 50 days

'Grand Rapids' TBR looseleaf

'Grandpa Admire's' butterhead, 60 days

'Grandpa's heirloom butterhead, 55 days

'Grappa' butterhead, 55-65 days

'Great Lakes 659' iceberg, 80-88 days

'Great Lakes' iceberg, 70-100 days

'Green Curl' asian looseleaf, 30 days

'Green Deer Tongue' heirloom looseleaf 48 days

'Green Forest' cos romaine 70 days

'Green Ice' looseleaf 45 days

'Green Oakleaf' heirloom looseleaf, 50 days

'Green Star' looseleaf, 53 days

'Green Towers' cos romain 74 days

'Green Vision' looseleaf, 54 days

'Green Wave' looseleaf, 45 days

'Hanson Improved' heirloom head, 65-80 days

'Hyber Red Rumple Waved' see 'Hyper Red Rumple'

'Hyper Red Rumple' looseleaf 50 days

'Ibis' looseleaf

'Iceberg A' iceberg 85 days

'Iceberg' heirloom iceberg

'Ideal Cos' cos romaine, 75 dyas

'Igloo' iceberg, 70 days

'Indian Amish' heirloom butterhead 40 days

'Integrata Red' cos romaine, 28 days

'Italienischer' looseleaf, 55 days

'Ithaca' icebergy, 72-85 days

'Jamai' oakleaf, 45 days

'Jericho' cos romaine 28-57 days

'Kagraner Sommer' butterhead, 58 days

'Kalura' cos romaine, 28-57 days

'Kinemontpas' butterhead, 60 days

'Kweik' butterhead, 55 days

'Larissa' butterhead

'Lasting Green' looseleaf, 65 days

'Lau's Pointed Leaf' asian

'Les Orielles de Diablo' looseleaf, 50 days

'Lettony' looseleaf, 29-51 days

'Lingqua di Canarino' italian looseleaf 50-55 days

'Linque di Canario' looseleaf, 50 days

'Little Caesar' cos romaine, 70 days

'Little Gem' cos romaine 28-42 days

'Little Gem Fruit' cos romaine, 70 days

'Little Leprechaun' open-pollinated, 52 days

'Lolita' looseleaf, 30-50 days

'Lolla Rossa' looseleaf

'Lollo Bionda' italian, looseleaf, 45-70 days

'Lollo di Vino' looseleaf, 56 days

'Lollo Rosso' looseleaf, 53-58 days

'Loma' french cirsp, 28-46 days

'Long Standing Batavian' 50-60 days

'Magenta' french crisp 28-48 days

'Majestic Red' cos romaine, 60 days

'Major Cos' cos romaine, 75 days

'Malawi' oakleaf, 28-51 days

'Manoa' 55-85 days

'Maravilla de Verano Canasta' french crips

'Maravilla de Verano Vonny' butterhead, 62 days

'Marimba' looseleaf, 56 days

'Marin' looseleaf, 50 days

'Mascara' looseleaf, 65 days

'Maserati' looseleaf

'Matchless' see 'Deer Tongue'

'Maverick II' iceberg, 88 days

'May Queen' heirloom butterhead, 60 days

'Mercury' looseleaf, 55 days

'Merlot' looseleaf 32-60 days

'Merveille De Mai' open-pollinated looseleaf, 50 days

'Merveille des Quatre Saisons' heirloom french butterhead, 50-60 days

'Michelle' french crisp batavia

'Might Red Oak' looseleaf 50 days

'Monet' looseleaf, 53 days

'Mottistone' looseleaf, 55 days

'Nancy' butterhead, 52 days

'Natividad' looseleaf, 30-53 days

'Nevada' french crisp, 28-48 days

'New Red Fire' looseleaf 43-51 days

'New York Head' iceberg, 80-85 days

'North Pole' butterhead

'Oak Leaf' loosleaf 45-60 days

'Oaky Red Splash' 60 days

'Okayama Salad' japanese butterhead, 55 days

'Olga' cos romaine, 50 days

'Oliver' germany butterhead, 65 days

'Optima' butterhead, 68 days

'Orient Sword Leaf' see 'Taiwan Sword Leaf'

'Oscarde' looseleaf, 28-45 days

'OSO Sweet' butterhead, 53-73 days

'Outredgeous' cos romaine, 28-57 days

'Pablo' french batavia, 68 days

'Palto II' cos romaine, 53 days

'Panther' cos romaine, 75 days

'Parella' see 'Pirat'

'Parris Island' cos romaine

'Parris White Cos' cos romaine, 68-75 days

'Petite Rouge' cos romaine, 48 days

'PIC 714' cos romaine, 28-57 days

'Pirat' butterhead, 55 days

'Pom Pom' open-pollinated looseleaf, 55 days

'Prizehead' looseleaf, 48 days

'Pybas Red Butter' butterhead, 60 days

'Quattro Stagioni' see 'Four Season'

'Raisa' looseleaf, 48 days

'Rave' looseleaf, 30-51 days

'Red Batavian' heirloom french

'Red Boston' butterhead, 68 days

'Red Butterworth' butterhead

'Red Coral' heirloom looseleaf, 55 days

'Red Cross' butterhead, 48 days

'Red Curl' asian looseleaf, 30 days

'Red Deer Rongue' looseleaf, 52-65 days

'Red Eye' cos romaine, 76 days

'Red Grenoble' heirloom french, looseleaf

'Red Iceberg' iceberg, 60 days

'Red Leprechaun' cos romaine, 60 days

'Red Lollo Rosso' looseleaf, 30-53 days

'Red Oak Leaf' looseleaf, 50 days

'Red Rapids' looseleaf, 50 days

'Red Ridinghood' butterhead, 65 days

'Red Romaine' cos romaine, 70 days

'Red Rosie' cos romaine 28-56 days

'Red Ruffled Oak' open-pollinated looseleaf, 50 days

'Red Sails' looseleaf 29-55 days

'Red Salad Bowl' looseleaf, 28-51 days

'Red Star' butterheat, 49 days

'Red Triangle' looseleaf, 28 days

'Red Velvet' looseleaf, 55 days

'Red Wave' looseleaf

'Redina' looseleaf, 38 days

'Regina della Ghiacciale' italian, iceberg, 75 days

'Regina di Maggio' italian butterhead

'Reine des Glaces' french batavia, 57 days

'Remington' cos romaine, 70 days

'Revolution' looseleaf

'Rex' butterhead, 50 days

'Rhazes' hybrid, romaine, 42 days

'Riccia Invernale' italian loseleaf, 35-55 days

'Romulus' open-pollinated cos romaine, 75 days

'Rosa' iceberg, 74 days

'Rosalita' cos romaine, 25-55 days

'Rossa di Trento' italian, looseleaf, 45-60 days

'Rossa ricciolini' italian looseleaf, 35 days

'Rossa Riccolina' looseleaf, 48-55 days

'Rossimo' looseleaf, 52 days

'Rouge De Grenoblouse' see 'Rouge Grenobloise'

'Rouge d'Hiver' cos romain 65 days

'Rouge Grenobloise' french crisphead, 55 days

'Rougette di Montpellier' see 'Pirat'

'Royal Green' looseleaf, 50 days

'Rubens Baby' open-pollinated romaine, 50-60 days

'Ruben's Red' cos romaine, 60 days

'Rubin' cos romaine, 55-60 days

'Ruby' looseleaf

'Rustica' batavia looseleaf, 28-60 days

'Salad Bowl' looseleaf, 45-50 days

'Salad Burnet'

'Salad Trim' looseleaf, 55 days

'Salinas 88 Supreme' open-pollinated, iceberg, 50 days

'Sandrina' butterhead, 60 days

'Sangria' butterhead, 55 days

'Sanquine Ameliore' french butterhead, 60 days

'Santa Fe' iceberg, 55 days

'Schweitzer's Mescher Bibb' heirloom butterhead, 50 days

'Sergeant' leaf, 28-45 days

'Sierra' batavia french crisp 45-50 days

'Silvia' cos romaine, 70 days

'Simpson Elite' loosleaf 41-53 days

'Skyline' icebergy, 85 days

'Skyphos' butterhead, 47 days

'Skyway' cos romaine, 28 days

'Slobolt' looseleaf, 48-53 days

'Soltero' looseleaf, 53 days

'Speckled' heirloom amish butterhead 55 days

'Spock' cos romaine, 28 days

'Spotted Aleppo' heirloom syrian romaine

'Sprenkel' see 'Pirat'

'Spring Feast' looseleaf

'Strela Green' looseleaf, 46 days

'Sucrine' romaine, 60 days

'Sulu' oakleaf, 28 days

'Summertime' icerberg, 68-75 days

'Sun Devil' iceberg, 60 days

'Sunfire' looseleaf, 28 days

'Sunset' looseleaf, 45-55 days

'Susan's Red Bibb' looseleaf/butterhead, 50-60 days

'Sweet Red' butterhead, 54 days

'Sweet Valentine' butterhead 56 days

'Sylvesta' butterhead 52 days

'Taiwan Sword Leaf' taiwanese, 85 days

'Tango' looseleaf, 28-45 days

'Teide' french crisp/batavia

'Tennis Ball' heirloom butterhead, 50 days

'Thai Green' looseleaf, 55 days

'Thai Oakleaf 88' asian looseleaf, 39 days

'Tiber' iceberg, 65-75 days

'Tom Thumb' butterhead 46 days

'Tomahawk' heirloom looseleaf, 45-50 days

'Triton' cos romaine, 75 days

'Tropicana' looseleaf, 52 days

'Two Star' looseleaf, 53 days

'Ubriacona' italian looseleaf, 60 day

'Val D'Orge' butterhead, 120 days

'Valdor' butterhead, 60-75 days

'Valmaine' cos romaine, 70 days

'Victoria' open-pollinated butterheat, 45 days

'Vulcan' looseleaf, 50 days

'Wakefield Crunch' heirloom head, 75 days

'Waldmann's Dark Green' looseleaf, 50 days

'Waldmann's' looseleaf, 50 days

'Webb's Wonderful' iceberg 72 days

'White Boston' butterhead 70 days

'Winter Density' butterhead 60 days

'Winter Marvel' butterhead, 52 days

'Winter Wonderland' romaine, 70 days

'Ycaipa' iceberg, 70 days

'Yugoslavian Red Butterhead' butterhead 55 days

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